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FaceTime sex while fun can be also super awkward, especially if you're not used to video chat sex. Like, how do you know where to angle the camera? Should you use your phone or your laptop? All valid questions. Your fave lube or vibrator are always a good idea, says Engle. Now, if you're feeling a little more comfortable with the concept of getting sexual on-camera, keep reading for the 12 best positions for FaceTime sex.

If you're a FT sex first-timer, Engle recommends trying out this super easy position as a starter. Get into a kneeling position so that your partner has the entire view of your bod, with no focus on any one part. This position gives you the hands-free ability to touch yourself anywhere and, bonus, your partner gets a hot full-frontal view.

Now, if facetime dirty ready to try something new, take that same computer-and-pillows stack and pull it in so the camera is really close to your genitals and legs. Both you and your bae can do this, giving each other an up-close-and-personal view as you touch yourselves until climax, says Engle.

If it's not your thing to have your genitals all up in the camera, no worries. You can also lay on your side and place your pillow stack by your tummy, which offers a full-frontal view of what you're doing without being too invasive. FaceTime sex isn't all about flailing your genitals at the camera. Take facetime dirty FaceTime sex to the next level by bringing in a tripod for your phone, says Brito. Set it up so it's right next to your bed, so your partner gets a full-view of your at-home sex setup.

Spice things up with a little strip tease or by slowly touching your body from head to toe. You know the drill. If you're comfortable, now it's time to listen to your partner while they coach you through all the lovely ways they want you to touch yourself or talk to them on-camera.

This may feel a li'l weird at first, but TBH, sometimes it's nice to let your mind go and have someone else calling the shots. Think your partner has seen your every angle at this point? With your computer on the bed or stacked on top of pillows, turn around so that your booty is facing the camera. This will give your partner a new angle, and they can watch facetime dirty you rock and move your butt around, pleasing yourself with your hands or a vibrator. As mentioned above, sometimes the beauty of FaceTime sex is in what you can't see.

Try turning the lights down super low both of you so that your view is a little unclear. In this setting, you may be able to see each other's silhouettes but not the up-close-and-person details. That means there's waaay more left up to the imagination and begs for sexy description. Put your computer or phone on a high-enough surface so that your partner can see most of your bod while you're standing straight up and have them do the same.

This will not only offer a new angle, but it will also give your hands access to your erogenous zones in a totally different way. Who doesn't love to mix things up? If you don't feel all that comfortable masturbating in front of a camera yet, this one's for you. Both you and your partner get into the tub and draw yourself a soothing-AF bath.

Then, you can set the camera up on a stool or chair next to you and start masturbating underwater, maybe sensually touching your chest, neck, and mouth to give your partner a little more of a visual. Now that you've got all of the facetime dirty FaceTime sex positions at your disposal, it's time for you to schedule a moment to try them out. And remember!

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Facetime dirty

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12 FaceTime Sex Positions That Will Take Your LDR To Another Level