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The Whatsapp Web is an application that enables communication through instant messaging, and currently has more than 1 billion users around the world, being considered that way, the largest service provider messenger on the planet today.

Whatsapp Web

In an attempt to double or triple the number of users of this application, it was recently launched on the market.

Whatsapp has compatibility with the following browsers Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera, or even with computers that are compatible with the versions of the application for smartphones iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. ENTER WHATSAPP WEB

It is a completely free application, and has the same function as the mobile application, for instant messaging, whatsapp, but with the difference that it can also be used on the desktop.

Although there is this great compatibility of the application as the most diverse browsers, the most suitable browser for its use is Google Chrome. ENTER WHATSAPP WEB


The version of the whatsapp web browser allows the user to send several types of files with quality, such as photos and videos, and for sending videos, and the data transfer limit is 16 MB.

  • Desktop: Also download on your desktop in addition to smartphone and notebook.
  • How it works: Along with it you get a menu of how to use the app.
  • How to Use: Before that, it is necessary to download another application first.
  • Iphone: After a while it was released for iphone.

With its launch, it is also possible to communicate with others using a microphone and / or webcam to send videos and to carry out audio conversations with your friends or family, or even do some video conference for a job interview, for example .

Another benefit it offers its users is that it is much simpler to download photos or videos that the person would like to keep saved in their personal files, without risking losing this material.

For this to be done, you just need to open the photo or video and, right after, click on the download button. This way, you will save a copy of the chosen file present, on your computer.

HOW IT WORKS Whatsapp Web?

To have access to whatsapp web it is necessary to install the application on your mobile phone of a more recent version of the program. The installation process is quick and practical, and takes a few minutes to complete.

With it the person can send and receive messages, regardless if they are close or not to their cell phone. However, it is necessary that the application remains connected on your cell phone, so that the device is paired with your browser using a QR Code.

HOW TO USE Whatsapp Web?

To use the whatsapp web application, you must first download another application known as the QR Code.

The QR code is an acronym that means “Quick response”, and it was developed to keep stored URLs that are then directed to a website, hotsite, video, a phone number, a georeferenced location, an email, a contact or even an SMS among others.

Basically, the QR code is a two-dimensional bar code that is scanned using cell phones, as long as they are equipped with a camera, where there are specific applications that have the ability to identify and read.

The desired link, thus directing a possible customer to the website that the company that this QR code corresponds to.

Thus, using your cell phone, you will read the QR Code provided by the whatsaap web site, and from there, you will be able to access whatsapp in a simple way through your computer.

See now the step by step to install on your computer:

Initially, remember that the most suitable is Google Chrome. – There will appear a screen with the QR Code of the application to be read.

Then, you will have to open the whatsapp application on your cell phone, and the QR code reader will scan the QR code of the chosen browser, always adjusting it with the camera of your cell phone, positioning it in front of the whatsapp code, as explained below:

  • For Android: you click on conversations> menu> whatapp web;
  • For Nokia S60 or Windows Phone: just go to Menu;
  • For Iphone: go in adjustment;
  • For BlackBerry: you must go to Chats;
  • For BlackBerry 10: slide the screen from top to bottom;
  • For Nokia S40: slide the screen upwards.

Right after scanning the QR code, using your cell phone, the whatsapp web interface will be available to start using.

After whatsapp is already installed on your computer, all your contacts saved on your mobile web, will be mirrored through the application, in this way, everything that is received through your mobile phone, will be automatically saved in the same way on your computer.

Just as it is possible to upload photos and videos, it is also possible to download photos and videos of your choice, for this you only need:

1) Access the application version and synchronize on your cell phone. Then, you must click on the chat in which is the photo you want to save and perform the storage. Then, you have to wait for the conversation screen on the right side to load;

2) Then click on the image and it will be displayed in enlarged size. To download this chosen photo, just click on the “arrow” icon, located on the right side. So your photo will be automatically saved in your computer’s download folder;

Remembering that, both for downloading images and for downloading videos, the step by step to be followed is the same.

Did you like to know how to use whatsapp ?! So learn how to download it quickly. See Here Below:


It took administrators a while to release the app for Apple’s Iphone line phones, with the iOS browser, but after a lot of waiting and complaints from users, it was finally released for Iphone.

Whatsapp Web Login Direct Sign In web.whatsapp.com 100% Useful

Installing whatsapp on Iphone is slightly different than installing the app on other smartphone devices. Therefore, we have prepared a step by step to install the application on your Iphone:

Before starting the application installation procedure, it is necessary to update the program on your Iphone. Then, you need to open the whatsapp application on your cell phone, and tap on the “Settings” button on the bottom right of the screen.

Soon after, the application settings will open, you should tap on “whatsapp web”. However, if this option is not available on your device, the feature is not yet available for your iPhone model;

In the third step to perform the installation of the application on your Iphone, you will need to access it through your computer.


Many whatsapp users have already requested the release of the app for Ipad and tablets for the administrators of the app, however, its use has not yet been officially released by the administrators of the app for their use on Ipad.

1) Initially, you need to open Safari on your Ipad or tablet and access the whatsapp web site: web.whatsapp.com;

2) The website will then identify your device, indicating that you are on a tablet, then it will redirect you to the main website of the application;

3) Right after, touch the first button on the right side of the address bar and then select the option “Computer Version”;

4) Finally, you will have to open it on your cell phone, access and scan the QR code that will appear on your iPad or tablet screen. A message will appear indicating the use of Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera, however, it is not necessary to select any of these options, just tap on “Ok, got it” to start using your whatsapp via your iPad or tablet.


In addition to being able to use whatsapp, Iphone, Ipad, tablet and other cell phones, the app can also be used on your desktop.

It is possible to use this app on computers, in Whatsapp Desktop format, which has its version of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and even Windows 10, from Microsoft. Now for the Apple system, you need to download and install the program on OS X Mavericks (10.9) or later.

Whatsapp Web

The desktop whatsapp was created with individual downloads from the computers, thus preventing spaces from being compromised, as long as the computers have technology in 52.5 MB (32 bits) and 61.5 (64 bits).

For the Mac OS, the package is downloaded with 51.7 MB, thus preventing whatsapp web from taking up too much space on your machine, compromising the storage of other data.

Another advantage of it is that the user can use shortcuts to access actions of the application in a faster way, without the need to keep several tabs open in their browser, as this feature does not work in the browser, with the Web.

Some examples of these shortcuts to access whatsapp desktop are:

  • CTRL + N that opens a new conversation in the application;
  • CTRL + E that allows you to archive the chat with your contact;
  • CTRL + F if you want to perform a search;
  • CTRL + P to change your profile or status;
  • CTRL + Z to undo the conversation;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Z to redo the conversation;
  • CTRL + A if you want to select everything;
  • CTRL + X if you want to cut everything;
  • CTRL + C if you want to cut something in the conversation;
  • CTRL + V if you want to put something in the conversation;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + N if you want to create a new chat group;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + = if you want to zoom in on your screen;
  • CTRL + – if you want to zoom out your screen;
  • CTRL + 0 if you want to return the screen to its original size;
  • CTRL + SHIFT +] to change the conversation;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + [ if you want to return to the previous conversation;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + M if you want to silence the conversation;
  • CTRL + backspace to delete a conversation;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + U if you want to mark the conversation as unread;
  • Alt + F4 to close the conversation.

It is worth mentioning that, if the mobile device is not connected to the internet and the application configured on your smartphone, the app will not be able to establish a connection, and consequently will not work correctly.

In a way this acts by preventing browsers from being synchronized to your whatsapp account.

In a way this acts by preventing browsers from being synchronized to your whatsapp account.

Closing the Session It is common for people to forget the session open on any computer, other than their personal equipment, such as at the company, or at college, and ends up running the risk of someone reading your conversations, invading your privacy.

When the whatsapp web application was launched, it was only possible to end the session on the computer where the activity was started, causing these possible inconveniences for users.

However, the recent updates of this tool allow the user to end the session directly through the mobile application, thus avoiding the risk of their conversations being exposed.

The process for ending your whatsapp session on your cell phone is quite simple, just go to the “Settings” menu, and then immediately afterwards select the option to end the session that you left open, and voila!

You will no longer have to worry about leaving the application open on a computer other than your own.

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