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Facebook users in Australia are being invited to nude images of themselves in a bid to stem the flow of non-consensual pornography. Your phone might also have been stolen or hacked. All cases have one thing in common: explicit images are distributed without knowledge or consent. Networks such as Facebook and Instagram unwittingly play a major role in distributing such images. People uploaded nude pics want to submit an image will be asked to send it to themselves on Facebook Messenger. This hash should, in theory, prevent it from being ed or shared on any Facebook-owned platforms.

Facebook could also share this hash with other platform owners such as Google and Microsoft. : Scotland lays down law on social media crime and revenge porn. Rideout also believes that more and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of sharing such images. But I think potentially the message is starting to get out and people are more aware of the legalities. She challenges the perception that revenge porn is only an issue for teenagers and twenty-somethings.

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Older generations sometimes use images as a means of extortion, or share images online without realising the consequences of their actions, she explains. There are, potentially, other solutions. Last month, two year-old entrepreneurs from UC Berkeley announced an app called Nude. If anyone tries to guess your PIN and fails, the app automatically takes a photo of their face with the front-facing camera.

All analysis of images is done locally, on-device.

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: Why there's no 'silver bullet' for ridding the web of revenge porn. Disturbed by the prospect of sending intimate pictures to Facebook? Your iPhone can also categorise your photos based on how greedy, disgusted, neutral, scream-ey, smily, surprised or suspicious the person or people in it look. Want to find a picture you took of your partner eating an ice cream while wearing a hat on a beach in Malaga? Facebook is using similar systems to analyse and categorise images.

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People are understandably unnerved by this kind of intrusion into their lives, but in the case of Facebook the latest data-grab should be welcomed. The technology already exists and is exploited at scale by people carrying out acts of sexual abuse online. Now, belatedly, those same tools are being turned against the abusers. Hashing of images and videos has been commonplace for years.

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YouTube has been operating its Content ID system since Based on a vast database of known copyrighted audio and video material, Content ID scans all new videos ed to the site to check for piracy. Copyright holders can then either block a video or make money from it. That database is shared with major technology firms. In alone, hashes were added to the list, with 60, of those depicting the rape or sexual torture of children. The IWF hash list for child sexual abuse presents an interesting model for how major networks might eventually handle revenge porn.

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The notion of an industry-wide hash list to tackle the issue is daunting, but would go a long way towards stopping the issue at source. Digital editor Twitter. Topics Facebook Culture.

Uploaded nude pics

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Facebook asks users to nude photos to ensure they are not used for 'revenge porn'