Cougar fantasy

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I'm in my early twenties, and I have a fantasy of being with an older woman. The thing is, I have a girlfriend, and the other thing is I love her and don't ever wanna cheat. She actually wants to help me out with this. The problem Any ideas on how we could fulfill this fantasy but stay faithful? Get her to audition for a play in which she has to be an older woman. If her acting skills and her makeup artists are good, then just have her wear her costume and her character home.

Most year-old women are still being hounded by men, and prefer being with a man closer cougar fantasy their own age, so they're not going to be interested in you unless you look like an Abercrombie model. You're going to have to go for a woman ish to get someone interested in you. But try OKCupid or go to a bar, give it a shot. There are all sorts of elaborate ways to get off on older chicks, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you should try jackin' it. You can't fulfill a sexual fantasy with another woman and stay faithful to your current girlfriend.

That's a cougar fantasy. Not with another woman necessarily, just playing on the older woman idea. I think he means role playing. I wish I was 20ish again: I'd give up on the idea of getting somebody my own age and specify over They give the BEST sex! Tell your girlfriend to start smoking; she should also drinks lots of chardonnay and smell like Fendi. Ask her mom. It'd just be an older version of her.

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I'm sure it would be no problem. How to fulfill my cougar fantasy? Posted by 10 years ago. Sort by: best. Go to an online dating site and take your pick.

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That way both parties are involved? She could wear Depend undergarments. Cougar, not elderly Continue this thread. Here's an idea. Just wait until your girlfriend is older. Would you like to meet my grandma? She recently turned Hotel bars. Your girlfriend could buy some cloths from Sears.

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Cougar fantasy

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