How to please a submissive man

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She paces across the bright stage in her platform leather boots.

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An audience of professional women — bankers, marketing directors — are observing this demonstration in the parquet-floored ballroom of a rented midtown Manhattan co-working space. They take careful notes and, when prompted, shoot their hands in the air to volunteer to role-play on the stage.

Urbaniak, 39, worked as a dominatrix for 17 years, independently and in dungeons in New York City. Now, in something she calls the Academy, she teaches women what she has learned about men. In a moment of cultural reckoning around gender and harassment, the Academy is one of the new unconventional entities, including anonymous spreheets and Hollywood-run legal defence funds, emerging to fight harassment, discrimination and bias.

So the point is not her leather riding crop. The scenarios happen everywhere. She discovered, back when she began training dominatrixes, that the fix was this: instead of answering or refusing to answer the question, ask the client a question back about why he asked the question in the first place.

When he responds, dig in with more probing. Students practised the technique with real-world examples. Urbaniak and a cadre of male volunteers facilitated, playing the parts of nosy date or film executive who has lost his bathrobe strap. The name of this workshop: Cornering Harvey. Comebacks can be pointed or off-topic, sweet or biting. Testing the reaction they provoke is informative and fun.

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Not everyone catches on right away. Harassment is the tip of the iceberg for long-term students, who look to Urbaniak for a wide range of things, including help with fixing marriages, reading body language and resetting careers.

Urbaniak is also developing an online version of the workshop students will respond to on-screen prompts, karaoke-style as well as live trainings for organisations. Those include cuffs, paddles, blindfolds and feathers, if rarely actual sex, according to Simone Justice, a pro-domme and BDSM educator in California. Men think they have to be some kind of alpha male. You could spend forever figuring out what that meant. Neither is inherently superior.

Dominant and submissive are, she says, rhetorical and energetic states, and can be unmoored from the social hierarchies that empower men. Demographically, though, the Academy is similar to those peers. The participants I speak with say most of the students are straight and cisgender 25 per cent are nonwhite, according to the companyalthough the school is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. At Cornering Harvey, the majority of attendees had heard about the workshop through the School of Womanly Arts. Many of the Academy students have more economic advantages than other women, which may be a root of their faith that resetting power dynamics on an individual scale will spur widespread social change.

Perceiving and fluidly shifting between dominant and submissive roles improves our communication as a species, she says. Practice makes perfect. If she could do it over? thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Recommended Children in are still experiencing sexism. More about sexual harassment.

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How to please a submissive man

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