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When you first figured out whether you were Dominant, submissive, or both or none of the abovedid you worry about what your title was?

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Did it matter to you? What about when you entered into your first relationship? Did you consider it unimportant or necessary to your identity to have a specific kinky title like Daddy or Mistress or something else? At that point, they threw out the first thing that came to mind. Others spent time thinking about it. What did they like?

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Which name felt right? What were their options? You might like being called Captain Kinkypants where I prefer Babygirl. Whatever name we choose is the right one as long as it fits us in the moment. What you might not realize is not only can titles change from relationship to relationship, they can also change over time. Over time, we learn new things about ourselves and our partners which means our kinky titles can and do change.

For others, they find it more difficult. Do what feels right for you. Do you have a pet name you call your partner? Try calling them by that name to see what they think of it. Well, in our experience, the biggest struggle with titles tends to be for Dominants. Some submissives accept whatever their Dominant wants to call them. Some Dominants use physical or personality traits to figure out a name to call their submissive. You can have pet names for each other, too, and not use them as titles.

Or you can reject anything but call each other filthy or kinky names in the middle of sex or a scene. Ultimately, as in all things kink and BDSM, you can and should choose what works for you. Does it strike anyone else as strange that even though kink clearly occurs outside of the mainstream, we have our own sense of norms? Claim your kinky title or reject it. Use multiple names or stick with one. If you want names for dominants that we all do it differently, click the button below to go read other perspectives.

Tags: Dominants kinky titles names submissives. I was miss and he was Sir. There was a point where we talked about kitten, and me taking that name, and he remained Sir, but it started us down this path of how there can be names for dominants but still power exchange.

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Then we tried it on for size and both loved it and…here we are. Kitten is what I get generally, frequently with a descriptor and a diminutive, like sweet little kitten, which I love. When we are playing kinky he also uses little girl UMPH yes pleaseand since we also sometimes role play there are of course some names associated with those specific scenes too. I love this!

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For us we use our pet names, Mouse, KittenBaba and little bear. The thing I really struggle with is how to address other peoples doms and substhat is a freaking minefield! I hate to call John Brownstone by his first name. It feels wrong in my mouth. John which is what names for dominants kids say or John Brownstone.

Totally get it! This has also made me remember something that makes me go all squeegee! That soon fell away and we found it was natural for us names for dominants just use names, or nicknames at least. Does it have to do with claiming our identity within the group? Often it is about stratification and power dynamics within marginalized populations. Further differentiation within an already-marginalized group le to ostracization, which le to a new small group-within-a-group emancipation, which le to new strictures, etc. He told me it would always be Sir in private.

Now that our relationship continues to evolve closer he worries I will call him Sir in public. I am also interested in some mild degrading words during sex so I may have to find a way to broach the subject with my Sir. The only thing you can really do is talk to him about it. I love the end of this, basically do YOUR thing, something that I often tell new folks who ask me about kinky stuff.

I think I give two pieces of advice most often: do your own thing and communicate. If you can get those two things straight in your mind, you can get as kinky as you want to be. Lovely article. Names have power. This applies to vanilla people too. If you called your last lover Your Highness it might feel very strange to use that nickname for another. If your partner calls you something as not-unusual as Sweetiepie it can give you a bit of a jolt if someone else uses the term in conversation. And I agree completely. So now I primarily use that just when being polite.

But really these all feel more like endearments than they do titles. I consider Daddy his name, title, and who he is. Definitely a hard limit for him. We discussed this at length from the beginning. She fights to not use sir. The attention getter is baby girl. I agree that relationships are constantly evolving, morphing as we continue our journey in life and kink.

The only constant is change, for without change we do not grow and flourish. The flower starts as a seed, then a sprout before opening to a beautiful creation. I look forward to a relationship of kink with a submissive that appreciates diversity and is anxious to explore new vistas. Sometimes, group norms demand that members choose a title for themselves, or the group tags newbies […]. Notify me of follow-up comments by .

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Names for dominants

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