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In the years since the ubiquitous dating app Tinder launched inits interface has stayed snapchat videos hot the same. Today Tinder is launching a slew of new features to serve Gen Z, which s for more than half of their users according to their press release.

With the introduction of video and an Explorethe app is going to look a lot more like TikTok and Snapchat. Tinder wants to "bring the main character energy" to the app, invoking a popular TikTok memeby adding the ability for users to put videos on their profiles. They say this is part of making Tinder a "multi-dimensional experience.

Hot Takes jumps off of Tinder's experiential Swipe Nightan interactive choose-your-own-adventure game within the app, and Vibesa question-and-answer game to test your compatibility with other users. More than 20 million Tinder users participated in Swipe Night while Vibes led to more matches and Likes, which led to developers wanting to create similar events.

Hot Takes is Tinder's newest iteration of this type of social experience — and the first time members can chat before matching at least besides Platinum memberswho are able to send a message before matching. When playing, users will message someone else before they match about, what else, their hot takes. The game is timed and players have a chance to match with each other or let the timer run out and have the game restart with someone new.

For the first time, Tinder has introduced an entirely new section — and a new way to match with people — with the Explore. The mockup looks more like Snapchat's Discover than Instagram's Explore. Here, members can see potential matches who share similar interests or passions, as they're called on Tinder and see different aspects of the app like Festival Mode or the new Chef's Mode, where users who love cooking can show off their skills. In-app events like Hot Takes will also live in the Explore section when it launches later this summer. Gen Z may now be the majority of Tinder's users, but they were too young to even be on the app when it launched nine years ago.

As a younger generation of daters head to the app, Tinder wants to offer features that align with their values in order to stay at the forefront. Time will tell if these new features encourage even more messages and matches. Social Good. Tinder's new video profile feature Credit: Tinder. Tinder's video feature in action Credit: Tinder. Tinder's new Hot Takes experience Credit: tinder. Tinder's new Explore Credit: tinder. Which is the best wand vibrator? Hitachi vs. Le Wand vs. Doxy If you climax with vibrators, it's likely you'll have a euphoric experience with any of these.

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Snapchat videos hot

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