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Snap-on Inc. So the Fortune toolmaker has ditched them after a year run. Consider the plight of George Brenski, one of Snap-on Tools' 5, worldwide dealers.

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On a recent day he parks his van outside an auto-repair shop in this Chicago suburb and grabs a handful of calendars from a cardboard box. Inside, Jeff Chelepis glances at the offering. The cheesecake is still there, but something is different. Brenski is forced to confess: It isn't a Snap-on at all.

But since so many of his customers continue to demand girlie calendars, Brenski has gone out and bought some brand-X ones. He casts a wistful eye on his Snap-on calendar, hanging slightly askew on the shop wall. As the November-December model, she is technically the last of the Snap-on Tool girls. Though largely unknown to a wider audience, the Snap-on Tools calendar is a legend of sorts in repair shops and factories around the country.

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In its inaugural edition, one model wore quarter-inch Snap-on sockets in her hair and Snap-on wrenches in a necklace. Or was. In fact, Snap-on may be so far ahead of the curve in ditching its calendar that a trend seems unlikely. Mechanics are still largely male, and most auto shops are still independently owned.

For every Buick or Ford dealership that has banned girlie calendars from its repair shop, there are plenty of places that crave them. Many Snap-on agents are happy for the calendar's demise.

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For one thing, its dealers and salespeople had to pay for the calendars themselves, and they often found themselves besieged by strangers and friends alike. Some Snap-on salespeople are convinced the calendars have been losing their value as a marketing tool. Fear of customer or co-worker complaints has been driving the calendars into the back rooms of repair shops and factories. And, as more and more companies banish them altogether, more mechanics have been nailing them up in garages and basements at home.

Snap-on cites loftier reasons. Snap-on denies it killed its calendar from fear of sexual-harassment claims. It says its calendar was far tamer than many; its models were never nude, and actually put on more clothes over the years.

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But there are dissenters. Back in the Chicago suburbs, Brenski says he likes Snap-on's new ad campaign but doesn't understand why the calendar wasn't kept, too. So, Brenski ed a group of dealers ordering substitute pinup calendars featuring young women in bathing suits hanging around old cars.

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In contrast, she thought the Snap-on calendars "were done with class. On his recent rounds distributing the new calendar, along with tiny screwdrivers and pens, Brenski gets a decidedly mixed reaction. Some customers don't even notice the change. Some profess disinterest. But Spornberger, who doesn't buy enough tools to rate even a brand-X pinup calendar this year, loudly complains when Brenski doesn't give him one.

Others mourn the end of an era. In Orland Park, the walls of Chelepis's Hypercision Automotive are free of pinup calendars, but he is outraged nonetheless. Brenski snap on girls responds that Snap-on is aiming for a "Disney image," and that he doesn't make the rules. But near the end of a long day of wandering through oil-stained repair shops, the veteran dealer ventures modest hopes that Snap-on will have a change of heart next year. Subscribe Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Log in Log out.

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