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John works hard and I play good housewife. Before I met John, well I was easy to touch. I remember from aged 10 boys groping me and pulling my pants down for a feel. By the time I was 12 I was sucking cock sluts stories and lost my virginity at 14 behind bike shed. I was school slut. I was sex mad. I was like this to I met John and settled down.

He brought him around for drinks and dinner. I felt nervous as my husband thought I was sweet angel before I met him. As the night and drink flood I thought I got away with it. Sorry I said you got wrong girl. And I intend to find out he said with a evil smile. John arrived back and I felt sick inside but kept calm and got through evening. The next few weeks I tried to keep low key and hope he forget about it.

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Then one day I got phone call from Hugh asking to meet him for coffee. I agreed and we met and he told me how lonely it was up here and that he wanted a bit off fun. I remember how easy your pants came down as he laughed. I tell you what he said come to my place this Friday night and we see what happens. The rest off week was long and my mind confused. John kept saying you ok, yes I reply. I got my hair cut and done my nails and toes with nail varnish, put on nice matching bra and pants, hold me up stockings and high heels pencil skirt and blouse.

If only he knew. He had a big smile on his face, wow you look hot he said. Well ,you are going to entertain me then. I made excuse and asked to use his toilet. I sat on seat thinking what to do, should I or run out. After a while I stood up and sluts stories removing my skirt and blouse and looked into sluts stories his mirror. I looked at myself in bra and pants and thought just this once.

I walked back into his living roomhe had big grin on his face, still overdressed I see. With that I unclipped it bra exposing my small firm tits. Come here he demanded, I walked over, he ran his hands up my legs making me shake as he caressed my legs, I held onto his shoulders as fingers rubbed my pussy through the material, my tits dangling, with that he began sucking my nipples as fingers rubbed my pussy through my pants.

Just like old days I felt wet, used and a slut.

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Then I felt it my pants being dragged down exposing my pussy, before I knew it one then 2 fingers entered my soaking pussy. I screamed as I orgasmed. He pushed me to the ground stood up removed his robe. I must admit when his cock pierced my pussy it felt like heaven, I was screaming fuck me, every thrust inside me made me want more. We changed position and was getting fucked doggy style, him pulling my short hair or slapping my ass cheeks to they where red.

Then felt him shoot his load deep inside me. I lay there as his cum run out off. He made me suck and lick his cock clean. I got phone call from John to see if I was ok. Yes ok trying sluts stories keep calm, see you tomorrow love you.

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Hugh laughed and said get into that bedroom now. I rose from the ground and walked into bedroom like who had been told off. He went into cupboard and brought out school uniform, put it on.

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I protested, but done as he said, after I dressed he said like school days when you where a slut. Yes, well come fuck your school slut, without asking he was inside me again, pounding my pussy without mercy. I lay there shattered after he came again. I was shocked. After 8 he mounted sluts stories again, relentless he was, again he came inside me.

I stared at him then opened my pussy lips, pee inside me if you wanthe put tip-off cock inside me and then I felt him shoot his hot pee in my hole. When I got home my guilt was all over me.

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For the next few weeks I got back in my routine. In another story I tell how Hugh brought another school chum round for threesome with me. This content appeared first on new sex story. This story School slut appeared first on newsexstory.

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