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Back to albums list. Louise Brooks - Actress. Mary Louise Brooks —generally known by her stage name Louise Brooks, was an American dancer, model, showgirl and silent film actress, famous for popularizing the bobbed haircut. Brooks is best known for her three feature roles including two G. She starred in 17 silent films and, late in life, authored a memoir, Lulu in Hollywood.

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Born in Cherryvale, Kansas, Louise Brooks was the daughter of Leonard Porter Brooks, a lawyer, who was usually too busy with his practice to discipline his children, and an artistic mother who determined that any squalling brats she produced could take care of themselves. Myra Rude was a talented pianist who played the latest Debussy and Ravel for her children, inspiring them with a love of books and music.

None of this protected her nine-year old daughter Louise from sexual abuse at the hands of a neighbourhood predator. Brooks began her entertainment career as a dancer, ing the Denishawn modern dance company whose members included founders Ruth St. Denis, and Ted Shawn, as well as a young Martha Graham in In her second season with the company, Brooks had advanced to a starring role in one work opposite Shawn. A long-simmering personal conflict between Brooks and St. Denis boiled over one day and St. It has been said that her best American role was in one of the early sound film dramas, Beggars of Lifelouise brooks nudes an abused country girl louise brooks nudes the run with Richard Arlen and Wallace Beery playing hoboes she meets while riding the rails.

Much of this film was shot on location, and the boom microphone was invented for this film by the director William Wellman, who needed it for one of the first experimental talking scenes in the movies. By this time in her life, she was mixing with the rich and famous, and was a regular guest of William Randolph Hearst and his mistress, Marion Davies, at San Simeon, being close friends with Davies' niece, Pepi Lederer.

Her distinctive bob haircut, which became eponymous, and is still recognised to this day, helped start a trend; many women styled their hair in imitation of her and fellow film star Colleen Moore. Soon after the film Beggars Of Life was made, Brooks, who loathed the Hollywood scene, refused to stay on at Paramount after being denied a promised raise, and left for Europe to make films for G.

Pabst, the great German Expressionist director. Paramount attempted to use the coming of sound films to pressure the actress, but she called the studio's bluff. It was not until 30 years later that this rebellious move would come to be seen as arguably the most savvy of her career, securing her immortality as a silent film legend and independent spirit.

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Unfortunately, while her initial snubbing of Paramount alone would not have finished her in Hollywood altogether, her refusal after returning from Germany to come back to Paramount for sound retakes of The Canary Murder Case irrevocably placed her on an unofficial blacklist. Actress Margaret Livingston was hired to dub Brooks's voice for the film and the studio claimed that Brooks' voice was unsuitable for sound pictures.

The film is based on two plays by Frank Wedekind and Brooks plays the central figure, Lulu. This film is notorious for its frank treatment of modern sexual mores, including the first screen portrayal of a lesbian. All these films were heavily censored as they were very adult and considered shocking in their time for their portrayals of sexuality, as well as their social satire.

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Her performances in these films, however, were largely ignored, and few other job offers were forthcoming due to her informal blacklisting. But Brooks turned down the louise brooks nudes in order to visit her then-lover George Preston Marshall not to be confused with film director George Marshall in New York City and the part instead went to Jean Harlow, who began her own rise to stardom largely as a result.

For the rest of her movie career, she was reduced to playing bit parts and roles in B picturesand short films. She was a notorious spendthrift for most of her life, even filing for bankruptcy once, but was kind and generous to her friends, almost to a fault. Her many lovers from years before had included a young William S. Paley, the founder of CBS. According to Louise Brooks in Looking For Lulu, Paley provided a small monthly stipend to Brooks for the rest of her life, and according to the documentary this stipend kept her from committing suicide at one point.

She also had an on-again, off-again relationship with George Marshall throughout the s and 30s which she described as "abusive". He was the biggest reason she was able to secure a contract with Pabst.

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Marshall repeatedly asked her to marry him and after finding that she had had many affairs while they were together, married film actress Corinne Griffith instead. French film historians rediscovered her films in the early s, proclaiming her as an actress who surpassed even Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo as a film icon, much to her amusement.

It would lead to the still ongoing Louise Brooks film revivals, and rehabilitated her reputation in her home country. With his help, she became a noted film writer in her own right. A collection of her witty and cogent writings, Lulu in Hollywood, was published in She rarely gave interviews, but had special relationships with John Kobal and Kevin Brownlow, the film historians, and they were able to capture on paper some of her amazing personality.

In the s she was interviewed extensively, on film, for the documentaries Memories of Berlin: The Twilight of Weimar Cultureproduced and directed by Gary Conklin, and in the Hollywood series directed by Brownlow and David Gill. Running 50 minutes, Lulu in Berlin is another rare filmed interview, produced by Richard Leacock and Susan Louise brooks nudes, released the year of her death, but filmed almost a decade earlier.

Brooks is considered one of the first naturalistic actors in film, her acting being subtle and nuanced compared to many other silent performers. The close-up was just coming into vogue with directors, and her almost hypnotically beautiful face was perfect for this new technique.

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Brooks had always been very self-directed, even difficult, and was notorious for her salty language, which she didn't hesitate to use whenever she felt like it. In addition, she had made a vow to herself never to smile on stage unless she felt compelled to, and although the majority of her publicity photos show her with a neutral expression, she had a dazzling smile.

By her own admission, she was a sexually liberated woman, not afraid to experiment, even posing fully nude for art photography, and her liaisons with many film people were legendary, although much of it is speculation.

On August 8,Louise Brooks was found dead of a massive heart attack. Show more.

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