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There are dicks that stand erect. Dicks that hang to the side. Dicks posed next to fruit. Dicks cradled in hands. Dicks wearing wristwatches. And dicks resting against household cleaning products as a measure of their size. A post shared by Whitney Bell kidd. Most of them, though, were primarily mystified about why a man would send a dick pic in the first place and what he hoped to gain from it.

Only one woman surveyed said it had ever been a sexual turn-on. Far more seriously, however, many viewed them as a form of sexual harassment that started as early as age Well, have you ever asked for a dick pic? I have, during sexting or whatever, back and forth. How do you feel when you get an unsolicited dick pic?

I think the first one I ever got I was just really annoyed. It was on Snapchat, and it was this dude who I was talking to on Tinder for a couple of weeks. Have you ever gotten a dick pic? I had to turn my Snapchat off public because of the fact that guys were just sending me unwarranted dick pics. Like, relentlessly, too. In the past six months, probably three different guys total. How many times have you gotten a dick pic? It happens fairly often on Tinder. I feel like Tinder is now a hookup site.

Maybe I get a lot of messages on Tinder, too, like at 2 a. Because when they text you, you get dick pics. How do you feel when you get a dick pic? How many dick pics have you gotten? In my lifetime? Unsolicited or girls dick pics Do you think that when a guy sends a dick pic he realizes that a girl sends it to all her friends?

How do you feel when you get sent a dick pick? Have you gotten a dick pic? I had about four potential guys. How did you feel when you got the dick pics that were unsolicited? I thought, Oh, is this a thing that people do now? You just send pictures of your dick to everyone that gives you their phone ? Would you say the majority of times you ask for a dick pick?

I would say sometimes it comes up in conversation. How many times have you gotten a dick pick? Three times. All in high school. For just no apparent reason. Like you have them in class and they might have your through homework or whatever, and the next thing you know, you get a dick pic. Boys are strangely brave in high school sometimes. Shocked girls dick pics first. Like, you have the audacity to just send that? The most recent one, me and [my friend] were watching New Girlno big deal.

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And my phone goes off. Why would you send that out of nowhere? In high school it was more often. It was from four guys probably. Did you ever ask for them?

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No, I did not. They assumed that if they sent it out, I would send something back. Did you respond to them?

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Have you gotten any since high school? It was recent. One of my guy best friends, we started flirting and then one night he was drunk I guess, and he just sent me a picture. It kind of ruined our friendship because it was out of nowhere and uncomfortable. Of course. How frequently? Some people have no shame. Text messages, too. But the more we talk about it, the more we normalize it and the more it becomes a problem [that people are aware of]. All women get dick pics. I got my first dick pic at 11, via text, on my little flip phone pink Razr.

It was a Christian school, too. Do you ever girls dick pics to them? Earlier on when it started happening, I was too shocked. Probably between 20 and 30 in my lifetime. How many times have you solicited? Why pretend? He really gets off on showing me his dick. But nearly all of them have one thing in common: They were sent to women unsolicited. View this post on Instagram.

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Girls dick pics

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This girl absolutely SCHOOLED this guy for sending an unsolicited dick pic