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We offer a safe, inclusive community forced feminization forum transgender and gender non-conforming folks, as well as their loved ones, to find support and information. today! Looking for some feminization ideas or things i can work on. I am 39 and started laser hair removal on my face. I won't be seeking HRT for several years and I'm only out to my spouse at this point. Are there someother things that I can do to look and express my feminimity without being too "out"?

I would just worry about dressing up at home, and making sure that your wife is going to be ok with your transition in the end. Before I went full-time I wore a bracelet that had my name on it. I was single so it didn't cause any problems. Another suggestion I have heard is to wear an anklet. Piercing your ears is a possibility as well as your naval. I wear womens undergarments, socks, belt sometimes, wide collared shirts, and if you were comfortable with it tight jeans mens or womens.

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You don't have to go as far as thinning them out or shaping them, but cleaning up any stray hairs above or below would be a little start, as well as trimming them back so they're not really bushy. Easy tip for that is to just take a fine tooth comb and a small pair of scissors, like cuticle trimmers, slide the comb down on your brows as close to the skin as you can, and trim off any hairs that poke out through the comb. I've been using clear nail polish on my fingernails for a while now - it makes them look good and feel terrific. Of course, toenails can be any color you like as long as you're wearing shoes.

Also, practicing your walk, gestures, and voice do wonders for feeling more feminine - when you have the privacy. I know that the list below contains many things that really shouldn't be gendered, but many of these have helped me keep sane when I was forced to be male. Stop cutting your hair, start electrolysis or LASER, begin practicing your voice, and learn to forced feminization forum into the real you which will lead you to what you want to be.

I'd like to say I let my hair grow long, but my Mother suggested that back in I'm beginning to wonder if she knew something Other than hair, I've shaved my legs and arms. I wear a clear polish on my fingers, and I paint my toenails which ever color I find more appropriate at the time.

Sometimes it's a bright green. My wife painted them a metallic purple a bit ago, and now I'm using a steady red.

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But whatever. With my hair long I normally pull it back into a ponytail, but I tie it higher on my head on occasion if I want to feel, for myself, more feminine. So far, no one has ever commented on the shaving some people do that for sports anyway or the polish. They can't see the later, mostly. I didn't see anyone mention shaving your legs. That was always the biggest thing for me before I came fully out. Give that a try, it'll do wonders for you I'm sure! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ?

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in here. Feminization Ideas. Followers 0. Recommended Posts. Guest StaceyC Posted March 20, Posted March 20, Link to post. Guest MissErika Posted March 20, How "out" do you want to be? I'm hardly out at all. I'm in the military and cannot afford to lose my career. I still dress as a woman at home and my daughter also know that I am going to become a woman. HUGS Erika. Guest Emily Ray Posted March 20, Huggs Emily. Emily is right I pierced my naval and just having it makes me feel so much more girly. Guest Krisina Posted March 20, I'm a little older but like you I've begun the laser treatments on the face.

I'm loving it. Clean up your eyebrows? Also if you have something resembling or approaching a unibrow, trim it! Guest Posted March 20, Hi Stacey, I've been using clear nail polish on my fingernails for a while now - it makes them look good and feel forced feminization forum. I'll shut up now! Love, Kat. Posted March 21, Experiment with a few things and don't be afraid to try many options.

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Newest Member Em97 ed 6 hours ago. Emma Jane 32 years old. Lydia Barnes 61 years old. Tori M 56 years old. Compassion - Are you able to have it for Yourself and ificant Other s. Thank you all. I have a therapist who introduced me to Acceptance Commitment Therapy and I use hypnotherapy but these other therapy method sound like great vehicles to continue on my forced feminization forum path to fullness in life. Again thank you.

Am I sexually doomed? Sorry I don't mean to make the title all click-batt, but between mine and my wife's research, it's hard to come to an object future in regard to what's coming for us. I'm 35 and I still have a more than healthy sex drive, and at no point will I want to lose all my parts. I have spent my whole life proving people wrong. I've correctly medically and psychologically diagnosed and treated myself so many times, successfully when doctors and therapists couldn't be bothered to listen to a word I've said.

In fact, the times I doubted myself and took their advice is always had disastrous. I've had people tell me I couldn't do things and I proved them wrong. I've had people tell me I didn't know what I was talking about and turned around and proved them wrong. I'm not trying to be big headed but I have no faith in standards professionals because there is nothing standard about me or my body or my brain. And the professionals have never not failed me. So I'm asking the real people who don't use the dsm4 as a Bible. The people who have been there. What changes did you go through?

Are there any non binary mtf transitioners sorry if that's not the correct terms that had to deal with penis issues? And I know it's not probable, but are there any nb, mtf, around 35 years at start of transition, that had to deal with the changes?

Will I even be able to use it? Will it be just a joke? Will I still be able to "do my job"? Or is it just going to be a half-hard, run away, no interest mess? I'm Ezra or Juan. EzraG welcome you have already found new friends and I'm happy for you. Heather Shay. What are you wearing today? Not healthy, I stopped because I will never attain what filters will do.

BUT, your eyes aren't far off. Good morning All. Coffees on. I really thought these feelings were normal and people just didn't talk about them. After all, trans people were the punch line for so many jokes at the time. I was beaten into submission at a young age.

Boys don't do that, you're not a girl. I put so much effort into finding the "guy" version of things to stay off the radar. I love tending to plants, guys cut the grass. I had always wanted to sew and knit. I learned how to sew patches on jackets with a machine and haphazardly hand sew to fix my forced feminization forum.

Forced feminization forum

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