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A little wood could soon get you the cane or at least some time behind barsthanks to a recently-passed law in Singapore that criminalizes sending unwelcome nude photos. After what was no doubt a long and hard deliberation the Southeast Asian city-state this week passed a series of legal reforms regarding sex crimes and privacy violations, including a provision that bans men and women from sending others images of their or another person's naughty bits without first getting their permission.

The intent, said the government earlier this week, is to stop people harassing others with unwanted nude pictures ie "dick pics" or the female equivalent. Officials noted that this will be the first time it has classified this type of unwanted exposure as a criminal offense. That will be criminalized.

The ministry notes that penalties for the offense could be up to two years in prison and would be doubled if the recipient of the unwanted nudes is under the age of The law is part of a larger effort by the government to clamp down on digital sex crime.

In addition to outlawing unsolicited nudes, the legislation will also increase penalties for the creation and distribution of voyeurism content ie images and videos produced without the knowledge or consent of the subject and the distribution of revenge porn. Distributing revenge porn would carry a maximum of five years hard time in prison, with additional penalties if minors are involved. For voyeurism offenses, the government says miscreants could face not only jail time, but also fines and a caning.

Other laws will impose punishments for people who use deception or misrepresentation to get sex including anyone who lies about an STD or the use of protective measures like condoms. Its onboard payload computer, which controls its instruments, mysteriously froze, forcing the main computer to put the orbiting observatory's sensors into an inactive safe mode. By utilizing redundant components, the US space agency was finally able to bring Hubble back online. Reminding the world that there's more to life than Windows 11, Microsoft freaky nudes promised a feature update for Windows 10 in the form of 21H2.

It's a little confusing, because the current preview of Windows 11 also calls itself 21H2. It wouldn't be a Windows update without some attempt to baffle users. And goodness, thanks to the hardware requirements of Windows 11, there are going to be rather a lot of Windows 10 users still out there. Indeed, in a memo announcing the W10 update John Cable, veep of program management for Windows Servicing and Delivery, highlighted the more than 1.

Microsoft's much-trumpeted "visual refresh" for its suite of Office applications has begun making its way out to users enrolled in the Insider programme, last night slithering onto both the Windows 11 Intel and ARM test setups at Vulture Central. To be fair, our Arm setup consists of a Raspberry Pi running a preview of Microsoft's next version of Windows and we were interested in seeing how it would cope. The refresh came after we'd subjected the Pi to the native ARM64 version of Microsoft's cash cow and it updated without drama after we told Word we were keen to try out the new experience.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands enlisted the help of a small robot to open a 12m 40ft 3D-printed steel bridge across a canal in Amsterdam's red-light district earlier this week. The structure's opening — the description of which sounds like the a game of Consequences based on a drunken Daily Mail columnist's fever dream — took place when the Queen pressed a green button to turn on a robot arm, which cut the ribbon with a pair of scissors. It appears that all concerned except the robot then decamped to a bar to have a drink, as shown in the video below.

When in Rome and all that. Microsoft has shared guidance revealing yet another vulnerability connected to its Windows Print Spooler service, saying it is "developing a security update. This can be used by malware already running on a Windows machine or a rogue user to fully compromise the box. The solution? For now, you can only "stop and disable the Print Spooler service," disabling both the ability to print locally and remotely. Which is not brilliant news for enterprise nor for all those folk home schooling and printing out work from local printers.

The cash incentive is part of the US State Department's Rewards for Justice RFJ programme and the ongoing war on cybercrime that has in recent months crippled fuel pipelines and meat production. Microsoft got back to its roots this week with another go — this time cloud-enabled — at an Altair running on Azure Sphere hardware. Readers with long memories might remember Azure Sphere hardware being used to resurrect the s box in Freaky nudes latest implementation brings things up to date with new development boards and the inevitable nod to Microsoft's cloud technology.

The itself is not running in Microsoft's cloud, but on Azure Sphere hardware. What's more, the CMA also found little opposition within the industry even going as far as to say that the merger could be "pro-competitive". The survey was huge, with sections on 13 different programming languages, big data, databases, DevOps, developer demographics, microservices, collaborating tools, testing, and more. A UK businessman hoping to create merchandise to sell to fans of singer Britney Spears has found himself instead lumbered with 10, misspelled T-shirts advertising a nationalist breakaway for a region of northern France.

Karl Baxter, managing director of Wholesale Clearance UK Ltd — a company based in Poole, Dorset, specialising in "bankrupt and surplus stock, as well as end of line clearances to individuals and companies of all sizes" — had hoped to capitalise on the FreeBritney movement and sell shirts to fans campaigning to end the 'Oops!

I Did It Again' star's controversial conservatorship. Google has demonstrated a ificant step forward in the error correction in quantum computing — although the method described in a paper this week remains some way off a practical application. In DecemberGoogle claimed quantum supremacy when its freaky nudes processor Sycamore completed a task in seconds that the search giant said would take a freaky nudes computer 10, years freaky nudes finish. The claim was then hotly contested by IBMbut that is another story. The Register - Independent news and views for the tech community.

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Windows 10 to hang on for five more years with 21H2 update Lots of time for legacy users. Refreshing: An Office update that won't frighten the horses Microsoft reins in some of its excesses with a visual tidy-up. Dutch Queen, robot involved in opening of 3D-printed bridge in red-light district Have we been smoking something? You'll want to shut down the Windows Print Spooler service yes, again : Another privilege escalation bug found PrintNightmare?

More like Groundhog Day for admins. Wanted: State-backed bandits planning cyberattacks on US infrastructure. Microsoft adds cloud enablement to s Altair tech Back to an era when 'cloud' meant 'it's probably going to rain'. Britney fan businessman accidentally buys 10, Celtic nationalist T-shirts Surplus stock specialist finds out the hard way how that kind of thing can happen. Google demonstrates impractical improvement in quantum error correction — but it does work Scale would need to be cranked way up to have an impact, however.

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