Crazy girlfriend anime

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Anime schoolgirls often look sweet and innocent. They have bright, shiny eyes, cute sailor-themed uniforms, high-pitched voices, and unrealistically wonderful bento making skills. But don't get distracted by how adorable they are chasing after their senpaithough, because beneath that bubbly exterior might lie the heart of a killer.

These crazy anime schoolgirls electrocute, stab, and shove anyone who gets near the boy they're obsessed with. Some lock their parents in cages and starve them to death. Some psychologically manipulate their neighbors. But whatever dark, horrible act they choose to carry out, crazy girlfriend anime look cute as hell the whole time. Hibana has a strong sense of justice, so when someone does something she thinks is wrong, she brings the pain. When she was in kindergarten, some boys flipped her skirt, and she reacted by torturing and killing them.

At age seven, she became part of a group of criminals called The Undertakers. When we first meet Yuno Gasai, she has a crazy girlfriend anime diary that tracks the movements of her childhood crush Yukiteru. Yuno wants to murder anyone who tries to get too close to Yukiteru, and she's not shy about threatening them. Oh, also she locked her parents in a cage and starved them to death. More Yuno Gasai. Sometimes, a character comes along who makes you think, "huh, maybe anime was a mistake. Anna appears to be a strictly moral student council president who opposes all things sexual. Beneath her chaste exterior, however, beats the heart of a literal rapist.

No, seriously, she repeatedly sexually assaults her crush, Tanukichi Okuma. Even more horrifying, she makes him drink a full bottle of "love nectar" which is She bakes it into bread and makes him eat it, too. She kills her childhood friend, her older sister, and herself. Seriously, don't underestimate anime schoolgirls. There are some nightmarishly terrible anime charactersand schoolgirls are among them.

For real, you don't want to mess around with these obsessed anime schoolgirls. They've done some Photo: Manglobe. Photo: Asread. Anime Characters Fictional Characters Anime.

Crazy girlfriend anime

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