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When the invite-only, live-audio-chat app Clubhouse debuted in the spring ofit was mostly an insular community for venture capitalists to talk about initial public offerings and return on investment. But over the last few months, as rappers, producers and music business executives flocked to it, Clubhouse became the central node for the hip-hop industry to talk shop, make connections and start flame wars.

Stars like Meek Mill and 21 Savage will show up as guests among the regulars. Rising producers have had their lives changed by chance encounters with stars. But the app, which counts around 2 million users, risks hate speech and conspiracy theories as it grows, like all social media do today. Clubhouse made an early push to attract Black users, but expansion risks the alchemy of privacy and connection that makes it interesting. As rapper Meek Mill fights for judicial reform, something unexpected happened: a Grammy nomination. There was definitely a concrete effort from the founders to get Black people on the platform.

But how do you reward those who drive it? Hosts create pop-up rooms, either scheduled or spontaneous one-offs, where users gather to talk the host moderates and determines who can talk or enter the room at any time. Almost every subject including psychedelics, parenthood and fake-orgasm contests are covered somewhere. I stand firm about women talking about whatever they want, so oh yes, I was gonna what is 21 savage snapchat name a room about it. Her subjects noticed — Grammy-nominated MC Rapsody popped into the forum a few weeks ago. In December, the rising L. His label encouraged him to jump onto the service after LeBron James touted him as a favorite new act.

It would fade away. While the hip-hop and tech worlds have had wildly successful partnerships Dr. A lot of the early forums attracted the kind of San Francisco man currently trading his North Face pullover for a Panama hat on the crypto-friendly badlands of Miami. Although it started as an in-group service for tech, the app, co-founded by Paul Davison, whose social app Highlight was acquired by Pinterest inand former Google engineer Rohan Seth, made a purposeful push for Black influencers over the summer.

That includes a lot more than hip-hop — actor-comedian Tiffany Haddish and deer Virgil Abloh are lively regulars — but rappers undeniably helped made it popular. Davison and Seth did not respond to requests for interviews. Representatives for the firm declined an interview request. Rappers and industry pros who dabble in tech investments took to Clubhouse immediately. On Dec. While new members had to be invited by users, keys to the app quickly spread among the Black music world. Already, the proximity to stardom has vaulted some careers.

In late November, the year-old producer Loudy Luna what is 21 savage snapchat name into a room on a Sunday night to play her new productions to a room full of digital strangers. She played her works in progress — spooky, seasick trap — to acclaim in the live chat. After the show, Drake direct-messaged her to swap info, and the two are now collaborating.

We will also be using a portion of the new funding round to roll out a Creator Grant Program to support emerging Clubhouse creators. But the service itself can be volatile too. Tory Lanezthe artist accused of shooting Megan Thee Stalliongot an invite to the service from rapper Tyga, and his defenders are known to go after Black women who criticize him.

Simmons has denied rape allegations brought by multiple women. The traumatic, transformative year of Megan Thee Stallion. She also survived a shooting and its aftermath. Do you ProtectBlackWomen or not so much? A firmer hand on moderation and prioritizing the needs and safety of users of color should be a much bigger priority. But Black people are what makes it popping. They all need to be invested in moderation. As the pandemic keeps rap fans, like everyone else, shut in at home, Clubhouse is the most compelling place to keep tabs and make a name without shows.

TikTok drives hitsbut Clubhouse meets a different need. TikTok has been saved. But for music, is that a good thing? TikTok has become the single most important platform for generating new pop-music hits. But can it help mint stars, or just one-hit wonders? August Brown covers pop music, the music industry and nightlife policy at the Los Angeles Times. Viola, Christina and Kamasi at the Hollywood Bowl: 13 best bets for your weekend. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

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What is 21 savage snapchat name

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Black creatives helped turn Clubhouse into the next tech unicorn. But who stands to gain?