Crossdress for sex

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Are all cross dressers gay? Is cross dressing a sexual fetish? The focus of this particular interview was on cross dressing. As it has been in the news that Bruce is a cross dresser. Provided below you will find the answers to the most common misconceptions about cross dressing males. This is not an opinion blog nor an article of judgment.

Rather, this blog article is here to set the record straight in bullet point format, based on my experience counseling couples, men, and women. It is also true that it is only a sexual fetish for some. The only ones who rejected me were my mom and step-dad Made me sad for a while, but I got over it.

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I should stop here before I end up writing a book. I hope this helps some lost souls in the hard path that is the life of a cross dresser. I always try my best to educate, even if it is not what others are sharing. As I tell-it-like-it-is, based upon my understanding in my work with real people.

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Thank you for your feedback, and again, for sharing your story. Warmly, Dr. Karen Ruskin. Cross dressing is something i dont want in a mate. In a friend no problem. But in a partner Its a deal breaker. I hope your lady friend accept you as you are.

We all must be our True self. I agree. That goes with being selfish. I tried very hard to accept it, and went beyond my own comfort level to make him happy. As you commented, we all need to be true to ourselves and being in a marriage means compromise.

I guess I really miss the decades past when women wore short skirts and pantyhose. Lingerie of course is impractical.

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High heels are uncomfortable. But that is precisely why people wear them. To look exotic and smooth and desirable. Now we are not all trannys or gay. I started dressing up when it was 12 and i did a good job hiding the fact that i ws a secret closet dresser. We talked about her cancer and how the family were going to fight over everything so i told the wife that i would move after she dies and as for all your lingerie and clothing so i can keep you close to me im going to be keeping your lingerie and clothing and wear it my self i will dress up at home and wear lingerie under my clothing to work.

Im going to be a closet crossdresser. I have underwear fetish and cross dress sometimes. I came up a theory for the behavior. I am heterosexual and have high sex drive. I think crossdressing for some men originates from the nature of sexual behavior of men. The desire for wearing female clothes, especially sexy underwear, has the same origin as the impetus for sexual penetration.

Not sure if crossdressers all have high sex drive, which causes them to be able to be excited by things others find uninterested. Some may have crossdress for sex experience when little, but I cannot recall any for me. Many men masturbate when wearing female clothes you say. Sex has nothing to do with it at all many will say this and is true. Think of it as a need. I need to dress up as I want to now what happens if I stop myself I have inner tormoil and distress inside as I am not carrying out what I want to do and is right to do.

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I have underwear fetish and cross dress sometimes you say. Sexual drive objects you mention for some are a turn on others not. I do dress alone at night, for sexual pleasure, I usually masturbate, find it a release for me, I have met one other guy, and we wanked and kissed which gave me orgasm, thought it was lovely. At first when I read your message I was thinking is this true?

Was going to leave it and not reply but I will give a short replay just so I am of help. Please read what I have said before you have a Transvestite fetish which means you are only CD as a way of gaining sexual gratification from the things you have on. When you do the business its over the sexual excitement has gone away and you will pack up the clothes until next time.

See what gets me is everyone who part CD think they are a really CD when its clear they us clothing a the sex driver objects I like to think of it. Me I use them as I want to be someone I always wanted to be. See the different. Now lets me clear what is a true CD. TV or CD or dressing up is normal for many people in life. What is Transvestite fetish? Very easy anyone who enjoys gaining sexual gravitation from item of clothing to gain excitement What is a really CD sorry but I was going to say what is crossdress for sex really TV.

This is a man or woman who feels totally complete as they want crossdress for sex dress up and not use it as a sexual drive as it has nothing to do with this at all. I started cross dressing when I was about I would try on my sisters clothes.

I would do it in privet and always wrestled with if it wrong for me to be doing it.

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When I got older I would but my own clothes as the urge got stronger. Over the years I would get rid of all my clothes telling myself I am going to quit only to have the urge build up so strong that I would start up again. Now I accept the fact that it is a part of me. I am married but have not told my wife. She knows I wear her panties but she is not aware of how much I desire to wear her dresses.

I want to come out to her so badly but I am not sure how I should or what her reaction would be. That is my story, this is the first I have told it. Thank you. My husband just recently told me about how he feels after 8 years of marriage, he feels he has a feminine side swears he does not want a sex change. I was very upset at first, not mad just confused and upset as I misunderstood what he was telling me. I knew my husband was bisexual I have no problem with that as I myself am bisexual.

When he first came to me about wanting to cross dress, he had said he thinks he may have gender dysphoria, he described what his feelings were and for some reason my brain went to thinking he wanted a sex change. I did research my entire 8 hour shift that night and wrote a 4 letter and told him it may sound very selfish as I did not want to lose the man I fell in love with. We sat down on the crossdress for sex and talked about how he really felt and to explain it a little better to me. I felt so bad for the way I had taken what he was trying to tell me, I love my husband more than words could ever describe.

We spent most of the day looking at shoes, clothes etc. It has been a little hard to come to terms with the way he is as I am still a little confused and getting used to the new him. Since he told me how he really feels he has been a lot calmer, less depressed and just all around happier. I know that is a huge weight off of his shoulders and even bigger knowing that I his wife accept him for who he is, yes it is new to me and it was shocking when he told me but that will not change the fact that he is the love of my life, my soulmate, the father to my child, my one and only….

Sorry for the rambling trying to word this at almost 3 am was not very easy without sounding selfish in some ways. Purging of your feminine clothes is typical. You want to stop. But the urge returns. I love my high heels.

Granted they are uncomfortable but nonetheless I always want more and prettier high heels. Pantyhose and panties can be worn in secret under pants. Enjoy your little fetish and in reality many men do it too. Hi Chloe, Thanks for your observations on my caring for aging parent, do go away once a year when my brother looks after mum. I have been crossdressing since I was I thought I could get rid of it forever, but it came back. I live by myself and have lots of women crossdress for sex. When ever I get the urge, I will dress up and even some times go out to the grocery store.

Crossdress for sex

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Are All Cross Dressers Gay? Transgender? Is It A Sexual Fetish?